Touch Resolume 1.0 – Custom TouchOSC Layout for Resolume

Thanks to advancements in TouchOSC to allow for custom values, and VJ Tschoepler for modifying my Beta Layout to take advantage of this new feature, there is finally a new version of the popular Touch Resolume Layout!  This new version works directly with Resolume without the need for OSC translation software like OSCulator.

Touch Resolume 1.0 (official release)

Download the latest version here:
Touch Resolume 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch
Touch Resolume 1.0 for iPad (thanks to Julian van Buul for the iPad port)

Remakes and Remixes:

Touch Resolume – Julian Remix for iPad (redesigned and updated interface by Julian van Buul)
Touch Resolume – Nuria Remix for iPhone (new buttons, and controls specifically for Resolume 4)
Resolume_Mixer 1.1 - Ivan Kabalin (simple clip trigger with layer mixing controls)

Release Notes:

version 1.0  all functions now work direct with Resolume thanks to VJ Tschoepler
*bugs* – the resync & BPM button hits on the release not the first touch.

Note:  The android version of TouchOSC now fully supports custom laytouts. The former way was a workaround hack that allows you to override the default templates.    This information was recovered from the circuitbentobox blog and has since has been deleted, and is no longer relevant. How to- Custom layouts in TouchOSC for Android (outdated).


What is Touch Resolume?
“Touch Resolume” is a custom layout for TouchOSC that allows you to control Resolume 3 or 4 over a wireless network directly with your iphone,  ipod touch or ipad WITHOUT midi mapping, just load the software and start controlling dozens of functions in Resolume,  no mapping required. Touch Resolume controls Resolume directly with OSC commands.  Although Touch OSC was designed when Resolume 3 was the current version, however most of the features also work in version 4.

Install and Demo Video:  (written instructions below in Red)

Mirror of video on YouTube.

What do I need to use this?
 - 3 or 4 (mac or pc)
TouchOSC  for iphone, ipod touch
TouchOSC Editor  (used to upload custom layout to mobile device)

What can I control with this layout:
Touch Resolume 1.0 has 5 pages each with a unique set of controls.

Page 1 – Composition Mix

This layout controls the first 4 layers: audio&video slider, bypass, solo, 6 dashboard link controls as well as video and audio effect bypass switches.

Page 2 – Loop and Cue (active layer)

Control the active clip on layers 1 through 4.  beatloopr, transport controls, direction, playmode, timeline mode (BPM or Timeline) and  cuepoints

Page 3 – Layer effects and mix (active layer)

Controls the active layer 1 through 4.  timelinemode, opacity, audio, bypass, solo, playdirection, video speed, layer audio and video effect bypass, and layer dashboard controls 1 through 4.

Page 4 – Trigger Clip

This page triggers 8 columns of clips on 4 layers.

Page 5 – Cross Fader and Scratch Controls

Add each layer to the A or B cross fader, and start mixing.  Scratch video, and change blend modes!

How do I install and use this layout?

1. First download and install all software needed from these websites, all the software is available as a demo for testing except TouchOSC (it only costs a few buck).


TouchOSC Editor

and don’t forget my custom Layout for TouchOSC: Touch Resolume 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

2a.  Launch the TouchOSC editor and open the custom layout “Touch Resolume 1.0.touchosc”
Then click the sync button in the editor.

2b  open TouchOSC on your iphone/ipod (make sure you are connected to the same wireless network as your computer)  Then choose layout then Add>  TouchOSC should find your computer as long as you have pressed the sync button.  after the layout is download make sure you select it as your active template.

2c  Make sure TouchOSC outgoing port is set to 7000 the default for resolume

4.  Launch Resolume  and make sure you have OSC turned on in the preferences.  Make sure bundles is NOT checked.  and the incoming port is set to 7000

5. have fun!

- the resync & BPM button hits on the release not the touch.

Free to Modify and Remixes:

Please feel free to modify this layout anyway you like.  I’d love to see the results.  Thanks to Julian for the great remix of the template for the iPad, I hope to see more modifications like this one!

Thanks again to VJ Tschoepler for updating this template with new custom values.  Without his hard work on the template this release may have never happened.


  1. jon wrote:

    Im just testing it out here at home. My network should be fine but im sure its got a few hiccups here and there.

    But i plan on using it at events via a hotspot or a local wifi signal if there is 1.

    Do you know if you can use touchosc on android multiscreen controlling to different softwares?

  2. Sabina wrote:

    Could you give us a link to android version of this layout? I Please. Unfortunately, I cannnot do this alone. And I tried a lot of times.

  3. tatoaraoz wrote:

    Thanks for this great layout. It’s very useful!

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