Touch Resolume 1.0 – Custom TouchOSC Layout for Resolume

Thanks to advancements in TouchOSC to allow for custom values, and VJ Tschoepler for modifying my Beta Layout to take advantage of this new feature, there is finally a new version of the popular Touch Resolume Layout!  This new version works directly with Resolume without the need for OSC translation software like OSCulator.

Touch Resolume 1.0 (official release)

Download the latest version here:
Touch Resolume 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch
Touch Resolume 1.0 for iPad (thanks to Julian van Buul for the iPad port)

Remakes and Remixes:

Touch Resolume – Julian Remix for iPad (redesigned and updated interface by Julian van Buul)
Touch Resolume – Nuria Remix for iPhone (new buttons, and controls specifically for Resolume 4)
Resolume_Mixer 1.1 - Ivan Kabalin (simple clip trigger with layer mixing controls)

Release Notes:

version 1.0  all functions now work direct with Resolume 3 thanks to VJ Tschoepler
*bugs* – the resync & BPM button hits on the release not the first touch.

Note:  The android version of TouchOSC is very limited and does not allow for custom layouts at this time. There is a workaround hack that allows you to override the default templates.  Check out this document on How to- Custom layouts in TouchOSC for Android.  This information was recovered from the circuitbentobox blog and has since has been deleted.


What is Touch Resolume?
“Touch Resolume” is a custom layout for TouchOSC that allows you to control Resolume 3 over a wireless network directly with your iphone,  ipod touch or ipad WITHOUT midi mapping, just load the software and start controlling dozens of functions in Resolume,  no mapping required. Touch Resolume controls Resolume 3 directly with OSC commands.

Install and Demo Video:  (written instructions below in Red)

Mirror of video on YouTube.

What do I need to use this?
Resolume 3
– 3.1.3 or higher (mac or pc)
TouchOSC 1.6 for iphone, ipod touch
TouchOSC Editor 1.2 (used to upload custom layout to mobile device)

What can I control with this layout:
Touch Resolume 1.0 has 5 pages each with a unique set of controls.

Page 1 – Composition Mix

This layout controls the first 4 layers: audio&video slider, bypass, solo, 6 dashboard link controls as well as video and audio effect bypass switches.

Page 2 – Loop and Cue (active layer)

Control the active clip on layers 1 through 4.  beatloopr, transport controls, direction, playmode, timeline mode (BPM or Timeline) and  cuepoints

Page 3 – Layer effects and mix (active layer)

Controls the active layer 1 through 4.  timelinemode, opacity, audio, bypass, solo, playdirection, video speed, layer audio and video effect bypass, and layer dashboard controls 1 through 4.

Page 4 – Trigger Clip

This page triggers 8 columns of clips on 4 layers.

Page 5 – Cross Fader and Scratch Controls

Add each layer to the A or B cross fader, and start mixing.  Scratch video, and change blend modes!

How do I install and use this layout?

1. First download and install all software needed from these websites, all the software is available as a demo for testing except TouchOSC (it only costs a few buck).

Resolume 3 (3.1.3 or higher)
TouchOSC 1.6

TouchOSC Editor 1.2

and don’t forget my custom Layout for TouchOSC: Touch Resolume 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

2a.  Launch the TouchOSC editor and open the custom layout “Touch Resolume 1.0.touchosc”
Then click the sync button in the editor.

2b  open TouchOSC on your iphone/ipod (make sure you are connected to the same wireless network as your computer)  Then choose layout then Add>  TouchOSC should find your computer as long as you have pressed the sync button.  after the layout is download make sure you select it as your active template.

2c  Make sure TouchOSC outgoing port is set to 7000 the default for resolume

4.  Launch Resolume 3.1.3 or higher and make sure you have OSC turned on in the preferences.  Make sure bundles is NOT checked.  and the incoming port is set to 7000

5. have fun!

- the resync & BPM button hits on the release not the touch.

Free to Modify and Remixes:

Please feel free to modify this layout anyway you like.  I’d love to see the results.  Thanks to Julian for the great remix of the template for the iPad, I hope to see more modifications like this one!

Thanks again to VJ Tschoepler for updating this template with new custom values.  Without his hard work on the template this release may have never happened.


  1. [...] Touch Resolume has been updated to Version 1.0  It is now fully funcitonal direct with resolume  Please see the offical page here. [...]

    • Name * wrote:

      Hey there! thank you for the tutorial, but i have a question how can I synchronize the layout without Wifi, can i do it only with the IP of my computer? or once i have run the layout, can i use it without any connection?

    • Nuria wrote:

      Hello, Thanks for your fabulous OSC mapping and tutorial!, now i can have a taste of what it is playing with an external controller for VJing, it works fantastic on resolume 3.x.
      As a first day OSC fever, i´ve modified a version of your interface for adding mixer options 1,2 & 3 with slide selectors, some rotary layer effects, a Transition Time fader, Autopilot and 2 more rotary composition effects (some controls are available only in resolume 4.x)and it works, though some buttons are too tiny & my Autopilot mapping seems confused. Maybe if a fifth screen is added, it could be easier to handle. I wonder if is posible to render the name of selected transition filters on TouchOSC control interface through a dynamic text field…
      Here’s my first mod test:
      i hope is useful for someone

      • Hi Nuria,

        Thanks so much for updating my layout for Resolume 4! This is very cool. I will post your layout as an official remix on the site. Now people can enjoy an improved layout.

  2. Steven B wrote:

    Awesome!!! Was wondering, will there be a release for the android.. Because I have a Dell Streak, but not an iphone/itouch, and don’ plan to buy one anytime soon!

  3. Steven, TouchOSC is now available for Andorid devices. check out the hexler website:

  4. kleisman wrote:

    I need the preset of the resolume, is the only missing
    what could you please upload?
    Thanks !

    • Kleisman, there is no preset for resolume needed. You just need to enable OSC and disable bundles in the preferences and all communication should work fine if both devices are on the same wireless network. Please follow my install video tutorial if you need help.

  5. tarei wrote:

    Used TouchOSC for the first time with the Resolume Layout, provided most of the controls I wanted. Thanks heaps – Ill be looking at loading layer effects to control with Page 3 next time, instead of using the macbook to add clip effects.
    Cheers heaps :)

  6. Lex wrote:

    is it possible to use touchosc on the same pc as resolume is running. and use it as an kind of emulator….??? or is there another mutitouch solution that can be easily adapted to work as an emulator for resolume

  7. Lex, I’m not sure what you mean. TouchOSC runs on iphones and ipods not PCs.

    I’m not sure what you are asking when you say use touchosc as an emulator? TouchOSC is a controller.

    Perhaps you can rephrase the question.

  8. Ron wrote:

    Your template looks great and I’d love to use it on my Android EVO. I’ve installed Touch OSC on phone & OSC Editor on my Mac. I’ve put the Touch Resolume Layout into the editor, but have not been able to connect editor to Android to upload.
    I know the feature set for Android is not the same, but is there a way to use layout on the Android currently.

    Thanks for any suggestions & creating this.

  9. Rafael wrote:

    I wonder if I’m with Resolume 3 installed on a PC and want to control it by a machine from Apple, I can normally?

    • Hi Rafael,

      Actually there is no reason why Touch Resolume would not work with a PC directly. As long as both are on the same wireless network and the ports are setup correctly, everything should work.

  10. XAN wrote:

    Hey Martin,
    Installed it on a PC. Followed your instructions and everything worked like a charm!
    Thanks a million! Looking forward to the Ipad version. Cheers!

  11. Wicked!!!
    I want to know, i ordered a ipad2 this mornig, will it work with the same layout?

    • I have never tested TouchOSC on an ipad so I’m not sure if smaller custom layouts designed for the phone will work on the ipad, perhaps you can test it and report back.

  12. Julian wrote:

    The iphone layout works (technically) on an ipad, but the design is way too small. Right now im scaling the size of it so it will fit the ipad screen better. I will post the layout here when finnished.

    • Hi Julian,

      Thanks for fixing the layout, and sharing your contribution. You will make many iPad owners happy. Thanks for the update. Does that mean TouchOSC does not scale the layout automatically, instead rendering at at the original iphone size on the ipad?

  13. Julian wrote:

    Yes indeed. Unfortunately i cannot resize the complete layout at once in the touch osc editor (at least i dont know how?) so i have to scale each button and slider individually :S

  14. Julian wrote:

    So here it is, Touch Resolume for iPad:

    Please feel free to share it on your site and/or place it on your own server. I just played a bit with it, and I’m definitely going to modify it more because personally it’s not my ideal layout. For now I kept it as close as possible to the original iphone layout.

  15. Julian wrote:

    Hi Martin,

    I uploaded the file again, outside a zip:

    Do you have the latest version of TouchOSC Editor? I use 1.4.2 instead of 1.2

  16. Julian,

    Your layout worked when I upgraded to version 1.4.2 I had 1.4.1 installed.


  17. Julian wrote:

    Great! Have fun

  18. Markus wrote:

    Layout link is dead :(

  19. Markus wrote:

    Found your template, great work :)

    Tried it now, but I don’t get any respond in Avenue. I’m using a normal open wireless network following your instructions.

    I also tried creating a local wireless network using my Macbook Pro, but still no success.

    Any suggestions?

  20. Sander wrote:

    Dear Martin, This looks so cool and I really want it to get to work but I failed.
    I have an iPhone and a pc with Windows Vista and they can’t find each other. They’re on the same network and I filled in the hosts and ports. I tried it without virus scanner and firewall turned on but still doesn’t work.
    Did I do something wrong?

  21. ReiTek wrote:

    I’m having the same problem as Markus but I’m on WindowsXp. I tried making an Ad hoc connection because I read somewhere that it would work but it didn’t either. What can I do? I made sure the setting were correct in Resolume as well as my iTouch.

  22. Janne wrote:


    I have also problems with TouchOSC and Resolume. Avenue doesn’t react to anything I do in TouchOSC with iPad layout. I have checked many times all settings: ports IPs etc. I also checked that TouchOSC sends information to mac with Pd and OSculator. Even “bundles” is switched off.
    Could anyone help me to get this fantastic layout and Resolume to work?

    • Hello ReiTek and Janne,

      This layout should work on a PC and has been confirmed working by XAN. Although I don’t know about different version of Windows causes issues. If you can sync the layout to your phone over a wireless connection then you should be able to send information to the computer as well. I don’t know what an Ad hoc connection is. Did you get the template to sync with itunes or did you do it with in the TouchOSC editor?

      As for the iPad layout I have not been able to test it myself since I don’t own an iPad. The port was done by Julian van Buul and according to him it works. Can you test my iPhone layout Janne and see if that works? I hope it is not an issue with the iPad version.

      Let me know how it goes.

  23. Janne wrote:

    Unfortunately I can’t try with iPhone but I also tried to use Resolume with iPod touch. Mac receives data from iPod’s TouchOSC as from iPad and still Resolume doesn’t respond at all. Little bit wierd becouse in your tutorial settings are so simple!
    Have anybody else faced with same kind of problem?

  24. ReiTek wrote:

    I synced the template with the touchosc editor. Still haven’t found a way to work it. Gonna try switching port numbers on Resolume and TouchOSC.

    • @Janne, My guess is that the port numbers are wrong, if you have confirmed communication, please verify that port numbers are the same, bundles is turned off, and OSC is activated by default it is turned off.

      @Reitek, Port numbers have to be the same Default for Resolume is 7000, TouchOSC should be the same.

  25. Janne wrote:

    Port numbers are exactly same (7000), bundels I have turned off and OSC is enabled in Resolume. I loaded layout through the TouchOSC editor. Problem is maybe in Resolume, it just doesn’t get the information. I’m confused.

    I have tried to get Resolume to respond all day and sought helps from the web. I think this kind of problem haven’t existed yet.
    Frustrating because I do everything exactly as advised.

  26. @Janne, have you tried to send an OSC command from OSCulator to Resolume? See if you can get communication from other software.

  27. Janne wrote:

    Hi again!

    I’m not so familiar with OSCulator. Just checking that iPad sends data to Mac.

    I’ve noticed that Pd-extended recognize all buttons from layout, but OSCulator not respond e.g. page 4 buttons from layout.

    This is so difficult to find the problem because I’m not so familiar with OSC.

  28. siid James wrote:


    First let me say thank you for the layout. I recently followed your tutorial and guide and have been unsuccessful getting my ipad or iphone to talk to Resolume 3.3.2 Layouts are installed, port settings set, OSC enabled, bundles off and no glory what so ever. any suggestions?
    I even uninstalled and reinstalled everything and no luck


  29. Julian wrote:

    Apparantly, since the upgrade to TouchOSC version 1.7, the custom osc commands arent working anymore. You’ll have to wait for a new update, more information on the hexler site:


    • Hi Julian,

      Thanks for catching that but in version 1.7 that is why all of a sudden I got so many comments about the layout not working. It all happened after version 1.7 was released. Thanks again for posting your modification to the template. I hope others will post mods or remakes too.

  30. Julian wrote:

    Hi Martin

    Based on your layout, I build a new one which suits my needs / the iPad screensize better. Its more of a tweaked version of the original TouchResolume layout.
    Anyway, if you’re using TouchOSC on an iPad, give it a try. Most important added value compared to the original one, is the deck selection.

    (for now working with the TouchOSC v 1.6)

  31. dinovelvet wrote:

    ciao Martin: I appreciated your work and your own levels with touchosc:
    with the new version of touchosc I had some problems (like other guys) and I have difficulty ‘in solving:: Example:: load level as in the previous version, but the answer is no: you can help: Address me
    ciao dino

  32. Julian wrote:

    Cool, touchosc 1.7.1 just released, havent tried it yet but custom osc commands bug is fixed

  33. ReiTek wrote:

    I just tried Resolume with the new TouchOSC update and it works fine on my iTouch now. Thanks Martin for an awesome template and all your work. Big ups!

  34. Janne wrote:

    Now everything works fine! Thank you for the good layout!

  35. dinovelvet wrote:

    hello guys where I find the 1.7.1 update touchosc?

  36. dinovelvet wrote:

    I am aware of my ignorance: penzo to have solved: thanks to all: I love you

  37. Jannes wrote:

    The custom iPhone layout seems not to be available for download anymore. Anyone knows where to download?

  38. Racheal wrote:

    Hi Martin,

    Im working on a Touch Resolume Remix. I was wondering if there’s a way to setup xy pads using osc (instead of midi)?


  39. Remy wrote:

    Nice app.
    Works great.
    But i have a latency problem, how can i solve this?
    Thanks in advance.

  40. digitalocean wrote:

    Well, I’m having a fresh look today at why i’m not seeing the host when trying to sync my iPad to the TouchOSC editor. Any thoughts? I am trying to use the Airport IPv4 Address. Is that correct?

  41. digitalocean wrote:

    Thank Martin, I didn’t expect such a quick reply.
    OK, i got the communication to sync with my mac after fussing around a bit. I had a few different networks to choose from and obviously one worked better than the others I tried. But now the Ipad doesn’t actually have any effect on Resolume. Not sure where to go from here. OSC in enabled, port 7000 is enabled and bundles is off. Pretty simple. Hope someone has an idea.

  42. digitalocean wrote:

    Thanks Martin, I didn’t expect such a quick reply.
    OK. Using touchOSC editor 1.5.2. Will try 1.7.2 now.

    • @digitalocean, Your editor is the current version. I was talking about the actual iPad software. But it sounds like it probably is 1.7.2. If that is the case, see if you can send OSC or midi commands to another app. You can try the demo of OSCulator. Also double check that TouchOSC and Resolume are both on port 7000. It can be any port number really.

  43. digitalocean wrote:

    Thanks, I was indeed looking at the wrong software. The Ipad had 1.7.2 which I stupidly deleted. I reinstalled it, but it looks like the App store didn’t realize I already had it.We’ll see if they charge me. Now I’m trying to re-sync. Don’t know why that part it’s so flaky, but I’ll get it back. I have a logic app I think that came with the download. Do you mean try that? The ports were 7000. Back shortly.

  44. digitalocean wrote:

    Hi Martin, It looks like the Logic layout is sort of working, however in a backwards way. Move the master in Logis and the Ipad layout master moves. Move the Ipad layout master and nothing. ??? But there is some communication.

  45. digitaloccean wrote:

    Hi Martin, Was your suggestion with oscillator to just test, or does it somehow overlay with touchOSC?

    • Yes, Oscullator converts OSC into midi commands and does all kinds of fun things. You can easily see if your computer is receiving the OSC commands or not. Would be good just to test communication.

  46. Digitalocean wrote:

    Hi Martin,
    Do you have any information on how to setup/implement oscillator to fix the connection issue I have had sending data to my mac from the Ipad? Sure would like to be able to use your software. At the top of your blog though you mention that OSCulator isn’t needed anymore?

    • @digitalocean. Osculator is indeed not needed for the software to work, but it is still a good tool to test connection issues. You can use it to see if an OSC command is actually being sent to the computer. Were you able to send a command to OSCulator? you would see it show up in the main application window. It won’t fix your issue, just diagnose the problem. If your ipad is recieving communication with logic, I am wondering if for some reason it is not sending data. Also do you have a firewall installed like little snitch? that might be blocking a port? -M

  47. digitalocean wrote:

    No firewall. I’ll take a look at OCSulator again and see if I can figure it out. Does Julian have any ideas?

  48. digitalocean wrote:

    Can you direct me to information on the network setup needed to have an iPad2 connect to a mac? I’m still struggling with bi directional communication. I’m not sure I have the network computer to computer set up correctly. I have a MacPro connected to the internet via eithernet, a wireless Airport configured using DHCP with an account with no security at the moment for testing. The IP address in TouchOSC is the same as the setting in the MacPro. Are there any more specifics , perhaps in the Airport utility ie ports or something I am missing? I have also checked the box “Create computer-to-computer networks checked.

  49. digitalocean wrote:

    OK, Kill me. I just sent the last post and no it works, It must have been the comp-to comp check box. Geeeeze….

    The LogicPad that came with the download works, but not The Touch Resolume iPad Julian. Outgoing Port 7000 in the iPad incoming port 7000 on Avenue. What else can there be?

    • @digitaloscean, sorry you are still having trouble. I’m at a loss of what the problem could be. My last advice is try a different port, make sure bundles is off. And post the problem on the hexler forum were you can get developer advice. I don’t have an ipad so I can test the Julian remix myself. Although others have gotten it to work without issue. If you have an ipod touch or iphone I would see if my original template works.

  50. digitalocean wrote:

    I’m still at it. I took a few days to step away from the whole thing. FYI I have tried different ports & will also go to Hexler. I read something somewhere regarding Airport & WPA security keys may not work. I got interrupted and lost the post. If anyone know if this is indeed a problem, please post something here. Currently I have Omni TR working (but I don’t think it uses TouchOSC and I can still get the one way communication from Logic to the Logic Pad app, but not the other way. There must be something stopping communication from iPad to Touch OSC.

  51. digitalocean wrote:

    Resolume resolved, “BUT” only With an unsecure Network? I thought I had tried this early on, but I had at it again a bit fresher. But a net work with now password? That doesn’t seem right. Wouldn’t that mean someone could be at your show and basically take control? That would be weird. Am I missing something? I could try a wep password (which I thought I already did, but I’ll try again. Also I think the setup of a computer to computer network is lacking a little bit of help. I clicked the Airport icon on my desktop computer, choose create network, left out of that and then back in again to open network pref’s and then to add the new network as a preferred network. That’s when it showed up. Click on TCP/IP tab to view the ip address and back to the iPad to enter the ip into TouchOSC at the first line OSC:

    As I think about this, I guess someone would have to get the to ip address which is on the desktop, but surely someone could do that if they wanted to, but probably not as a casual user standing in an audience just trying to mess someone up. Back in a while after I test weep security.

  52. digitalocean wrote:

    OK, a network with a WEP password works, none works, but WPA’s don’t. How about feedback from Resolume for which clips are playing? Is that possible, or coming up? Great to resolve this. Life resumes.

    • @digitalocean, glad you figured it out. but it seems odd you can use WPA protection on your wireless. I am pretty sure I have tested with WPA and perhaps even WPA2. This might be a windows issue, not sure. As for feedback, that is coming in Resolume version 4.0 Should be out sometime in the summer if things go as planned.

  53. digitalocean wrote:

    Hi Martin, just to clarify. & perhaps a big oversite on my part, but I am on a Mac. THe mac had a wireless connection set up with WPA2 which was used to connect to another computer in the house, also a Mac. The main computer running Resolume was connected to the internet via eithernet. It didn’t occur to me that this machine needed to connect to the wireless network also (dumb perhaps, but that’s how it was. Once I connected the main computer to the Airport and used WEP, (not WPA or WPA2), things worked. beyond that, I don’t know where the hang up is with WPA and WPA2

  54. joe wrote:

    all works great with the ipod version, tho the ipad layout keeps giving me error failed to open layout file might be damaged… any clue?

    thanks for the great work you doing … respect

    • @joe, What iPad version are you trying to download? I just downloaded and tested both and they seem to open fine in the TouchOSC editor. Perhaps try again. I can email them to you if you like.

  55. joe wrote:

    Hi Martin,
    Am running resolume avenue 3.3.2 and ipad2 4.3.3
    any suggestions?


  56. joe wrote:

    this is my email nd would appriciate it if you can send them :)
    great work again am glad there are people around who can do such stuff :) respect


  57. joe wrote:

    working great :) thank you buddy for the support :)

  58. anodin wrote:

    Don’t work on PC and android. please update it’s really nice app.

    • @anodin. I’m not sure what you mean it does not work on a PC. The layout is for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Resolume running on a PC or Mac should accept the OSC commands no matter where they come from. As for android there is nothing I can do about that until Hexler makes a version of TouchOSC for android that support custom layout. Until then Touch Resolume will only work on iOS devices.

  59. anodin wrote:

    Thx, i will wait for TouchOSC for android that support custom layout !

  60. Batu wrote:

    Is it possibile to use it WITHOUT wifi connection and instead using the USB calbe?

  61. drhl wrote:

    App stop works work for me on Resolume 3.3.3 :( Any tips or trick ?

  62. Leon Trimble wrote:

    how’s the resolume avenue 4 update looking? :p

  63. Innokin wrote:

    I cant to download layouts touchOSC for iphone for resolume avenue 3
    Can You refresh link for it?
    Thank you!

  64. PLAYSCOPE wrote:

    Hi there!
    Playscope here, from Barcelona.. Your layout is great, it does the job fair well, and setup is piece-of-cake (unless you miss the 7000 port thing and break your balls tryin’ to make it work in any other port….).
    BTW, where do you set the port/channel in touchosc editor? I mean, why won’t it work even if I set touchOSC to transmit on port 8000, and Avenue to listen to that same port? It’s not that there’s something wrong with port 7000, but you know, just wondering..
    Thank you.. GREAT JOB!

    • You can only change the outgoing port in the TouchOSC iOS application. The editor does not dictate the outgoing port. You should be able to use any port in theory. You could setup resolume to accept port 8000. Might require a restart to work. I find it simpler to setup touchOSC to port 7000 but really it should work either way.

  65. Sam wrote:

    Hi, I had been using the IRClipSA FFGL effects [available here: ] which requires bundles to be turned on.

    Is there any work-around where I can use these effects with Resolume and TouchOSC simultaneously without toggling bundles each time?

    • Alas not to my knowledge. However you could ask the question to the developer of TouchOSC. Perhaps it can be implemented in future releases. Or perhaps IRClipSA FFGL can be updated to not require bundles.

  66. Im having the same trouble as Playscope (if indeed he is having trouble) I would like to change the port to 12345, just because on a different TouchOSC layout I need it to be thta specific port (Is for comunication with some hardware that I cant change. But when I change Resolume to use that port it doesnt work.. any ideas?


    • Can you tell me a bit more about your setup? As long as TouchOSC is has the same outgoing port as the incoming port on Resolume it should work. Of course you need to make sure you sending the OSC commands to the computer, and not your hardware. How are you routing the OSC signal? Does your setup look like this: (TouchOSC –> Hardware —-> Resolume). If so you need to check the outgoing port of your hardware.

  67. ana wrote:

    Pleaseeee!!! I need help trying to set up resolume arena 4.0.0 and ipad 2 ! I tried everything but nothing seems to work !!!! any ideas???

    • Making sure “bundles” is not check in the preferences is one of the most common causes. Also port/server settings are the second. I’ll need more info about what your setup is like, and what you have tried before I can help you.

  68. Brett Lorins wrote:

    Just wanted to throw you a quick note & thank you for the software. You seem to get a lot of users with the same issues, but wanted to let you know I got up and running in 5-10 minutes. Your youtube tutorial was great. I love the what you have created for Resolume…very cool, it is very much appreciated. Can’t wait to buy an Ipad..

  69. insane work. thanks for your efforts.

    cannot get the links working on page 1. when i assign effect parameters to the links in resolume the iphone cannot control them. they dials move on the phone but there is no result. would love to figure this out at this feature is a large part of my performance. any ideas? is there a way to map these?

    • HI Trevor, I assume you have working communication and all other fictions are working properly. The first page controls the effects applied to the composition not a layer. Are you sure you are using the composition effects and knobs? Also what version of Resolume are you running 3 or 4? You can easily change any OSC command using the TouchOSC Editor. You can find a list of commands in the manual of resolume, or R4 has custom OSC mapping that will tell you detailed info about each button.

  70. Hey, thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I appreciate your dedication to this and how helpful you have been for everyone. I have found the commands in the manual and have then assigned them to those knobs on page 1. I have it all working now. I am working with a live camera feed and need to cue/control effects on each layer while toggling between them. I will perform at the Apple store in Ginza Japan in April and I am sure they will be blown away to see what people are doing with their hardware. If you are interested in knowing more feel free to email me.

    Thanks again,

  71. [...] Resolume with TouchOSC checkout Martin Thoburn’s unique custom layout he designed called TouchResolume. You can also watch the demo video for TouchResolume [...]

  72. Mike Canada wrote:

    Is there a way I can set up my own resolume skin without using OSC and just using MIDI? I’ve written my own layout and havent been able to hook certain elements up midi wise, the variables channels and range settings confuse the hell outta me. any idea where I can find a good tutorial on this or maybe just a few small tips that could help me by? I’ve already read the documents and didnt help much

    • @mike, You can use midi instead of OSC. However you will have to map each button to the correct controls in Resolume. For example you setup a button in TouchOSC to play a note, and then connect that note to a specific button in Resolume. There are only a few basic midi control types. “Notes”, and “Control Changes” are the most common.

      Basically Notes are best used for buttons and Control Changes for Sliders and Knobs. There are 16 different midi channels so you can send message to various devices or play back different instruments through different channels. I would just setup all your buttons and controls on the same Channel. It does not matter what you choose unless you have conflicts from other devices. As for the Range that allows you to control the values being sent.

      “Notes” have a musical value and range. Note ranges are for volume and don’t matter for non-musical control. “Control Changes” have number and a default range from 0-127. So if you connected a Control Change slider in Touchosc to a slider in Resolume like layer transparency. 0=dark 127=viable. If you wanted to limit the range of control you could adjust those settings, so the range is from 30-90 or something like that. Basically you want to make sure all your buttons have a different note, and that all your sliders/knobs have a different number. Then Connect each function to a specific control in Resolume.

      There is lots of documentation on how to use Midi-Mapping in Resolume. I would recommend OSC over midi, since once you set it up it will always work. Midi will always need to be mapped on very computer that you want to use your layout with.

      • Mike Canada wrote:

        Okay, I’ve made a slight bit of progress!

        My main problem right now, I have a multipush (not toggle) thats 1×10, I’ve tried a few combinations but still can only get the first push button to work, the rest of the 9 have no response. If you were to put a multipush 1×10 to say, select the different clip columns at the top, how would i program that Midi’cally :)

        P.s. thanx for your speedy response, you’re making the world a better place. Ill throw all of us a copy when its finished. Thanx 2 u and Julian.

        • Mike Canada wrote:

          Also, im still not sold on OSC, i just dont like the idea of having a program like Oscillator open at the same time just to bridge the gap. TouchOSC Midi Bridge works great for me? If theres anything more you can tell me to make OSC seem like the easiest route let me know!

          • @Mike, No need for Osculator. It was only required before TouchOSC support custom OSC commands. OSC works out of the box for about a year now. If you install and test my layout you will see what I mean.

        • Hi Mike, I’ve never worked with multi-touch buttons before, but if you can’t send different notes for each button, then mapping would be problematic. Its unclear at first glance what the “VAR:” options are in TouchOSC options box. let me know if you have any luck with it. You can always make your own button layout in a gird.

  73. Mike Canada wrote:

    My ideas for the multipush:

    A) Somehow hook up numbers 1-10


    B) Put number labels over each button and assign them somehow..

  74. Mike Canada wrote:

    I did install your skin! but didnt check the OSC settings, although arent they all auto?

    anyways! lets put this conversation to bed, I found a solution. A lot of what you wrote above helped me greatly..

    i ditched using the multi push for individual push buttons, mapping worked great.

    • Hi Mike, Glad you found a system that worked for you. Just so you know all my OSC commands in the layout are custom commands designed to work specifically and directly with Resolume. No translation or intermediary software required. You can copy and past the commands if you want to try them in your own layout, also you can find a whole bunch of hidden commands that can’t by midi at all. Like the /activelayer/ or /activeclip/ string. More OSC info on the resolume forum.

  75. Heitor wrote:

    I need to create in OSC Editor one button to turn off clips in any layer, you know how?

    • @heitor, You can deactivate any layer by with the following OSC command: /layer1/clear
      Change the layer number to the layer you wish to control. You can also clear the active layer using /activelayer/clear
      You can find out the OSC command of any paramater or button by going to the Mapping>Edit Application OSC Mapping menu. Then select any button or parameter and view the OSC command in the preview monitor window.

  76. Rebelsdigital wrote:

    wow!!! thanks a lot =D

  77. Emanuele wrote:

    Hi there !!!
    But this layout only works with resolume avenue 3?

  78. Tarlok Singh wrote:

    I am having difficulty configuring Resolume Arena 4.1 on MAC Osx and TouchOSC installed on Android(Samsung Galaxy ACE 2).
    I think the problem lies in IP configuration. Can you give me exact directions to configure this.

    • Hi Tarlok,

      As far as I know the android version of TouchOSC does not work with custom layouts like mine. See a blog post by Hexler last march saying he working on a new version that will.

      If you want to use the default controls, you will either need to translate the OSC command to MIDI and then map the midi commands. Hexler provides a Midi Bridge application for free. Also you can route and change the OSC message with software called “Osculator”

      Or am I wrong, do you have my layout installed on android?… is a new version out?

  79. ANDY wrote:

    Thanks for the Layout!

    But Is there any way to map actions\key like Play Next/Prev Clip in Layer? Or i’ve missed something?

  80. DanielFIN wrote:


    Your OSC mapping layout is awesome and I really preciate your work! But I have little problems with synchronization.

    All bottoms in TouchOSC works fine except clip specified controls: I can select columns, change layer´s opacity and solo layers and so on but when I try to do something for specific clip nothing happens. For example video speed, pause, play, Scratch and BPM and THL controls don ´t work.

    - Resolume Avenue 4.1.2
    - TouchOSC v.1.8.1
    - TouchOSC Editor v1.5.6

    Does anybody have any solutions on my problem?
    Thanks for help!

    *edit: I posted my reply at first on wrong place. You can delete that message!

    - Daniel

    • Hi Daniel,

      The Layer controls work for only for the “active layer” make sure you click one of the yellow layer buttons first. For exapmle push Layer 1, then try the playback buttons, or scratch. Let me know if that solved the issue. You can watch my demo video to see how it works. It maybe be possible that some of the OSC commands changed in Resolume 4. However I don’t believe that is the case.


      • Daniel wrote:

        You are right Martin! – It was just my own mistake.
        Thank you for that!

        BTW, Could it be possible that OSC Output in Resolume disturb active buttons in TouchOSC. Some buttons are some times strangely bolded and some times not. It seems that there is not logic when they are selected and when not.
        … do you get my idea?

        • Yes, you are correct. OSC output will send the same command back to to TouchResolume and highlight buttons. This can have mixed results. My layout was created before OSC output was possible, so not all features will function well. OSC output is not needed for use of my layout, but it can be helpful to see real time updates on your iPhone or iPad.

  81. Rodrigo wrote:

    Hi, Martin!
    I´m using OSCTouch on Android 2.3.6 and Resolume Arena 4.1, do you know how map the controls? because in the traditional way it doesn´t work. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Rodrigo,

      How are you trying to Map in Resolume? OSC or Midi? If you are using android, you are no doubt using a default template. If the template is setup to use midi output, then you can map using midi mapping in resolume. Otherwise you will need to “translate” or “convert” the OSC signal to midi using a program like Osculator. Using TouchOSC on iPhone/iPad is plug and play with OSC commands. The Android version of TouchOSC does not allow custom templates, so the only way it can work is with midi mapping.

  82. Rodrigo wrote:

    Ouch, it’s paid. Do you know any free option?

  83. [...] Download Here: [...]

  84. [...] wall and then mapped them using Resolume Arena 4. The whole thing was topped off by using touchOSC (and Martin Thoburns amazing template)  to wirelessly control the visuals using my iPhone, meaning I could still be in the thick of the [...]

  85. mariohyeah wrote:

    the workaround link for android doesn’t work

    • You are right, my URL was bad. I looked into the problem and found out that the blog post has been taken down due to a website redesign. However I was able to recover the blog post from the wayback machine and put the information in a text document. Let me know if you can download the file.

  86. John Dalton wrote:

    Had some issues getting this working with Resolume on a Windows 7 desktop. In order for the OSC to communicate you have to open the ports for your local network. Otherwise you just get outbound control.

    Control Panel – Windows Firewall – Turn Windows Firewall on or off.

    Disable the firewall for the Home or Work Network.


    This solved the problem for my setup.

  87. John Dalton wrote:

    Additional :

    If the last solution is to open for you. There is the option in advanced settings to create an inbound rule for port 7000.

  88. Eder wrote:


    First of all, thanks for what you are doing. I have tried researching this for weeks now and seems that here I might find an answer.

    After trying many options and applications I can’t seem to get my Toshiba Thrive with TouchOSC using the correct template to work with Resolume Arena or Avenue 4. Even in the latest 4.1.6 version with supposed OSC bug fixes.
    In Resolume:
    -Incoming Port is 7001
    -Outgoing 7000, bundles Off.
    Seems that the incoming port in either Resolume (most likely) or TouchOSC is not responding.
    The red LED in TouchOSC android layout turns on while I have a clip playing on Resolume meaning it is a correct output port from Resolume.
    I have used the IPAD layout and installed correctly on my Android, for example every button is mapped correctly in the TouchOSC editor: ej. /layer3/clip1/connect

    But when I press any button on my Thrive I can’t get any response from Resolume.

    Also I disabled and created new port rules on the Windows firewall and also did not work.

    I would appreciate your help on this issue because I am planning a video-performance show next month and I figured that the wireless option from TouchOSC would definitely help out in this project.

    [Cant install TouchOSC MIDI bridge because of Bome’s Virtual MIDI installation error code 14 and it is unresolvable]

    I am using a Toshiba Thrive Android version 4.0.4 TouchOSC ver 1.3, IPad Layout with no labels and no multitouch. Resolume Avenue 4.1.6.

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Hi Eder,

      Please double check your input/output ports. The default input should be 7000. and the Output should be 7001. You may have it the mixed up. If that still does not fix the problem. Install the demo of OSCulcator and set your touchosc output to Port 8000. If you see incoming commands you know you have communication. You can try this with any template that uses OSC not just TouchResolume. Hope that helps. Martin

      • Eder wrote:

        Hello Martin,
        Thanks for the quick reply.

        I did try setting the ports as you said. But I only got the incoming red light on my android device receiving input from Resolume.

        I thought OSCulator was only available for Mac OS. Is there a windows version available?

        • steev wrote:

          hi, i’m having the same problem. all the ports and commands match up, but i’m only getting output from Resolume. no input into Resolume is doing anything. checked with Osculator and indeed commands are coming in. but Resolume just seems to ignore. Resolume Arena 4.1.3

          • That is strange. Are you running TouchOSC on iOS or Android? Are you able to control Resolume from other OSC sources? Have your tried sending a message from OSCulator to Resolume? Is it possible OSC input is disabled or your firewall is blocking the communication?

          • steev wrote:

            hi martin, i’m running touchosc on an ipod touch. havent tried other osc sources. i’ve tried sending from osculator but i dont know how to change the outgoing port on osculator, i only see a way to control the input port. i also dont know how i would “disable OSC input” in Resolume. i do know its not a machine firewall issue, since i can see the messages from the ipod coming into osculator. they’re just not getting to Resolume, or being paid attention to by Resolume, at least. thanks for any other advice you might have.

          • steev wrote:

            oh just to elaborate – no, osc input and output are definitely enabled, the checkboxes are checked in the OSC section of the preferences. so, it’s a mystery..

  89. Mike Huberty wrote:

    Great job, Martin. i’ve got it working great on the iPhone, but one question. I have lots and lots of columns set up in Resolume. How do I move left or right to get at more than just the first eight columns. Am I missing something?

  90. jay wrote:

    touchosc for android is now updated to support custom layouts and these layouts work!

    any chance of the ipad layout being updated for the new resolume avenue/arena?

  91. meierhans wrote:

    Hi Martin,
    Thanks alot for your preset, this saves me alot work. All the regular buttons work as desired, but I have problems switching pages. It works, but very unreliable. Sometimes I have to tab 10 times to make it switch.
    On other presets it works as desired.
    I am running ver 1.9.1 on Android. Any idea what could be wrong?

  92. gu4n0 wrote:

    Hi got the same problem as many others got TouchOsc v.1.9.3 an Resolume Arena 4.0.0. Nothing won’t work. Check everything: Firewall, Ports, Ip. I think my touchosc cant get a connection to my Pc but i don’t know why.
    Got somebody a solution?

    • First Try updating to Resolume 4.1.7 Second test if you can get TouchOSC to work with other applications. If you can confirm that you can send an oSC messages to your computer, that will help reduce the variables.

  93. djkleisman wrote:

    El secreto para que te funcione cualquier boton que tu crees es este: /composition/video/scale/values,
    hay que poner cuando creas ese boton con touchOSC editor el mismmo nombre de salida OSC que te marca el resolume cuando haces Click en edit OSC map y en cualquier boton o Slider que quieres mover con TocuhOSC, abajo a la izquierda te lo pone, en este caso:

  94. Did anyone manage to create endless rotary encoders in touchosc for resolume? They work as midi encoders but not osc.

    • Hi Leevi, thanks for sharing. I tried to get those rotary knobs to work with OSC and it didn’t work properly. I don’t recall what happened, but they didn’t work as I thought they would. I’m going to have to test Midi and see how that goes. IF you can share more of your experience that would be great. It might be worth posting a bug report on the forums.

      • Thanks for your reply. Touchosc seem to send only one signal at the beginning of clockwise and anticlockwise action, and not continuous signals if the clockwise or anticlockwise finger action continues. Touchosc Midi rotary knobs work as they they should.

        Problem for me is that in Resolume midi commands can’t be assigned to active clip, but only to specific clip. (Or have I misuderstood this?)

        Other compatibility issue is that Resolume doesn’t support XY pad in OSC, because OSC combines two commands in one action. There’s a discussion about this at Resolume forum. Probably no fix in sight. Again xy pad works fine with TouchOSC midi (but can’t be assigned to active clip.)

        The rotary knob issue was mentioned at Hexler forum. They said that there is no standard way to deal with rotary knob commands in OSC.

        Still, Martin, thanks for this page! It helped me in creating TouchOSC layout for my needs. It could be better with OSC xy pad and rotary knobs, but it’s already now quite ok.

        I’m working with dance theatre productions that combine animation.

  95. Sourya wrote:

    Hi Martin, strange problem with Resolume Arena 4 and TouchOSC. The iPad is reading everything from Resolume but none of the buttons on touchOSC are triggering anything on the laptop. All ports are set fine, Mac is getting input properly into Ableton with the same setup, so I’m at a little loss to figure what’s going. I have a gig tomorrow and it’s kinda a bad time for this to happen. :(

    • That is indeed strange. Of course check the obvious that you have OSC input enable not just output in the Resolume preferences. I’m not sure how you are sending OSC to Ableton since the program does not have any official OSC support. Are you sure you are not sending midi signals to Ableton live or using TouchOSC Bridge to convert OSC to midi?

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