Touch Resolume 1.0 – Custom TouchOSC Layout for Resolume

Thanks to advancements in TouchOSC to allow for custom values, and VJ Tschoepler for modifying my Beta Layout to take advantage of this new feature, there is finally a new version of the popular Touch Resolume Layout!  This new version works directly with Resolume without the need for OSC translation software like OSCulator.

Touch Resolume 1.0 (official release)

Download the latest version here:
Touch Resolume 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch
Touch Resolume 1.0 for iPad (thanks to Julian van Buul for the iPad port)

Remakes and Remixes:

Touch Resolume – Julian Remix for iPad (redesigned and updated interface by Julian van Buul)
Touch Resolume – Nuria Remix for iPhone (new buttons, and controls specifically for Resolume 4)
Resolume_Mixer 1.1 – Ivan Kabalin (simple clip trigger with layer mixing controls)

Release Notes:

version 1.0  all functions now work direct with Resolume thanks to VJ Tschoepler
*bugs* – the resync & BPM button hits on the release not the first touch.

Note:  The android version of TouchOSC now fully supports custom laytouts. The former way was a workaround hack that allows you to override the default templates.    This information was recovered from the circuitbentobox blog and has since has been deleted, and is no longer relevant. How to- Custom layouts in TouchOSC for Android (outdated).


What is Touch Resolume?
“Touch Resolume” is a custom layout for TouchOSC that allows you to control Resolume 3 or 4 over a wireless network directly with your iphone,  ipod touch or ipad WITHOUT midi mapping, just load the software and start controlling dozens of functions in Resolume,  no mapping required. Touch Resolume controls Resolume directly with OSC commands.  Although Touch OSC was designed when Resolume 3 was the current version, however most of the features also work in version 4.

Install and Demo Video:  (written instructions below in Red)

Mirror of video on YouTube.

What do I need to use this?
 – 3 or 4 (mac or pc)
TouchOSC  for iphone, ipod touch
TouchOSC Editor  (used to upload custom layout to mobile device)

What can I control with this layout:
Touch Resolume 1.0 has 5 pages each with a unique set of controls.

Page 1 – Composition Mix

This layout controls the first 4 layers: audio&video slider, bypass, solo, 6 dashboard link controls as well as video and audio effect bypass switches.

Page 2 – Loop and Cue (active layer)

Control the active clip on layers 1 through 4.  beatloopr, transport controls, direction, playmode, timeline mode (BPM or Timeline) and  cuepoints

Page 3 – Layer effects and mix (active layer)

Controls the active layer 1 through 4.  timelinemode, opacity, audio, bypass, solo, playdirection, video speed, layer audio and video effect bypass, and layer dashboard controls 1 through 4.

Page 4 – Trigger Clip

This page triggers 8 columns of clips on 4 layers.

Page 5 – Cross Fader and Scratch Controls

Add each layer to the A or B cross fader, and start mixing.  Scratch video, and change blend modes!

How do I install and use this layout?

1. First download and install all software needed from these websites, all the software is available as a demo for testing except TouchOSC (it only costs a few buck).


TouchOSC Editor

and don’t forget my custom Layout for TouchOSC: Touch Resolume 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

2a.  Launch the TouchOSC editor and open the custom layout “Touch Resolume 1.0.touchosc”
Then click the sync button in the editor.

2b  open TouchOSC on your iphone/ipod (make sure you are connected to the same wireless network as your computer)  Then choose layout then Add>  TouchOSC should find your computer as long as you have pressed the sync button.  after the layout is download make sure you select it as your active template.

2c  Make sure TouchOSC outgoing port is set to 7000 the default for resolume

4.  Launch Resolume  and make sure you have OSC turned on in the preferences.  Make sure bundles is NOT checked.  and the incoming port is set to 7000

5. have fun!

– the resync & BPM button hits on the release not the touch.

Free to Modify and Remixes:

Please feel free to modify this layout anyway you like.  I’d love to see the results.  Thanks to Julian for the great remix of the template for the iPad, I hope to see more modifications like this one!

Thanks again to VJ Tschoepler for updating this template with new custom values.  Without his hard work on the template this release may have never happened.


  1. jon wrote:

    Im just testing it out here at home. My network should be fine but im sure its got a few hiccups here and there.

    But i plan on using it at events via a hotspot or a local wifi signal if there is 1.

    Do you know if you can use touchosc on android multiscreen controlling to different softwares?

  2. Sabina wrote:

    Could you give us a link to android version of this layout? I Please. Unfortunately, I cannnot do this alone. And I tried a lot of times.

  3. tatoaraoz wrote:

    Thanks for this great layout. It’s very useful!

  4. jonathan wrote:

    Just bought the galaxy tab pro 12.2.

    i installed touchosc android 1.9.1 on the device

    i have touchosc bridge on

    osc bridge is recognized in resolume preferences and both in and out are checked.

    when i go into touch osc midi bridge i have my ip add listed and my computer in the found hosts list

    i click it, then click on done and i see your layout but nothing happens

    im starting to lose my mind lol

    please help

    p.s. – osc configuration is even more difficult to connect, i never see my computer as a host

  5. jonathan wrote:

    ok just figured out that my tab doesnt send the messages but receives messages from resolume.

    i tried all the layouts on this site and all work the same.

    im running it on midi bridge.

    how do i get the tab to send messages to resolume?

    • Hi Jonathan,

      The problem is with Midi bridge. You don’t need to use it. Just set the ports to send OSC signals direct to Resolume. Default is port 7000. That would explain why you can receive message but not send any. Midi bridge is converting the OSC signal, when it is design to work direct. Midi bridge is only useful if you want to quickly remap keys to different buttons, or use the layout with software that does not support OSC.

      • jonathan wrote:

        ok i turned off midi bridge.

        right now on osc i have outgoing port at 7001, incoming 7000.

        On resolume i have incoming as 7000 and outgoing as 7001.

        its not working, is this correct?

        • Almost correct, you have the ports flipped for touchOSC. Output should be 7000, and input 7001. Your resolume settings are correct. Make sure OSC input and output is turned on in resolume too.

  6. jonathan wrote:

    Changed the numbers and everything is on and again im only receiving on osc and not transmitting.

    Bundles is unchecked.

    i have the red dot on the top left corner.

    When i hit any command the green light just blinks.

    i dont know if thats how its supposed to be or not.

    Could it be something in the options menu? accelerometer, send ping?

  7. Dom wrote:

    Hello ! Thank you very much for this layout! But i’m trying to create a new layout for a personnal project. I need to create one really user friendly so that kids could play with it. I am trying to build my own based on yours… but i can’t get my new controls to work… i was wondering if you could help me with the mapping of the OSC. Exemple: i’m trying to map my brightness effect but the address of OSC input that Resolume gives me doesn’t seem to work.

    Thank you !

    • Hi Dom, Controlling effects can be a bit tricky with OSC. The messages Resolume uses are not based on effect name, but rather position in the hierarchy. If you have a layer with only the brightness and contrast effect applied you would use the following command:


      If the effect is applied to your composition you would use the following:


      If the effect is later in the chain then you would change the /effect#/ to reflect that change.

      Hope that helps.


  8. Michael wrote:


    I’m having serious issues connecting osc to Resolume. From a macbook pro setup network. Avenue V4 standard, upload was successful from editor, IP address matches host, ports match between reolume and device.

    The network is a computer hosted network on a macbook pro. Midi bridge and core midi are disabled. Osc is enabled.

    Resolume is automatically recognising where to send to the Ip address of the iPad running touch osc. I get a little green light in the upper corner but no response?

    This is the same between Touch Resolume, Julian Remix, and and another layout based on the “simple” layout with a modification for a touch osc to crossfader (as a really simple control group for testing the other two layouts)

    No results?

    Please advise.

    • Michael wrote:

      Even more frustrating is the observation that when connected through LAN not hosted by the computer touch osc is receiving osc visibly (the scratch video slider is tracking the position in a clip but resolume will not respond to osc input.
      (My ports are correct)

    • Do I understand correctly that you are running an Ad Hoc Network? That your iPad is connected directly to the MacPro via wifi? If so try running on a regular network where both computers are connected to a wireless router. Also, please test that your Macbook is receiving the OSC message from a generic touchosc layout or the TouchResolume layout by download the demo of OSCulator and see if you can send any commands to it on port 8000.

  9. zee wrote:

    Dear Martin,

    Can I, for example, control my Resolume Arena running on a PC laptop using an ipad 2 mini running touchosc and Touch Resolume 1.0? Please let me know. If positive how would be the setup for this to work? Thanks in advance. z.

  10. Name * wrote:

    hi. martin
    is there a way to change the resolution to iphone 6 screen resolution and create a new iphone 6 layout.

    • Yes, you can use the TouchOSC editor to modify the layout anyway you like. I’m not sure if there is a new template size created for iphone six yet, but if and when there is, this template could be modified and fitted for that device.

  11. OK wrote:

    Hello and thank you for all this amazing work.
    I had tried it before and it worked fine but I was still not very confident with Resolume. Now, after a lot of reading and tutorials I will install it again and play with it.

    Two Qs:

    1. I really need to add a few things to the layout and remove some that I will not be using. Is that easy or it needs some kind of coding skills?

    2. How can I use touch OSC with Resolume in a gig that will have weak or no wifi at all? Can I connect ipad with cable?

    Thank you!

    • 1. You can easy add or remove buttons with the TouchOSC editor found on the website. Just find the OSC command by click OSC mapping in resolume and selecting the interface feature you want to map. The command will be listed in the lower left corner of the UI.

      2. You can’t use a cable, however you can create an adhoc network and connect direct to you laptop via Wi-Fi. Or if you prefer, it is very easy to bring a router to the gig and setup your own network. That will give you better range and connectively and you can hardwire your laptop via ethernet if you prefer too.

  12. E wrote:

    Is there a way to have multiple commands for one item. Example: Lower three faders to zero opacity

  13. Nacho Arias wrote:

    Thanks, this is awesome!!!!
    But i’m having some problems in Resolume Arena 4 with the Touch Resolume – Nuria Remix.
    The thing is that i still can’t find the way to make the knobs and V buttons from page 1 to work.
    Could you please be my guido to make the magic happens?

  14. Hi

    first thanka lot for this great work u did, cause it seem very tricky to build functional command setup.

    My question is, I ahve an Iphone and resolume running on a PC laptop, does this can work?

    Or if anyone have this configuration, can confirm me if there is no troubleshooting betwenn the Ios and windows.

    Thkx a lot, best regards

  15. Alessandro wrote:

    Will this work on every iPad release?
    Even the old ones like The iPad1 or iPad 2?

  16. Perke wrote:

    Hello, Is it possible to use TouchOSC between an iMac and an Android Tablet? I can’t get them connected.

  17. rudi wrote:

    I use touchosc and resolume arena 4.1.11, I use osc input and output port 7000,resolume experiencing an error when running and can not run normally

  18. bob wrote:

    I see the same problem happening for other users and seemingly never finding a resolution.

    ipad or iphone, wifi (with internet or ad hoc), incoming port in TouchOSC match incoming port in Arena, same for outgoing port, bundles unchecked. Verified using PD extender that OSC commands are being transmitted between Macbook Pro and iPad or iPhone. Within Arena, no control using TouchOSC.
    Mavericks or Yosemite. No firewall on either machine. Little Snitch filter off or on. Nothing I’ve tried is allowing control of Arena from the app. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • The answer is in your first sentence “ incoming port in TouchOSC match incoming port in Arena” The outgoing port of TouchOSC should match the incoming port in Arena.

  19. bob wrote:

    EDIT: For God’s sake. Incoming in TouchOSC port setting is set as the outgoing port in Arena prefs and vice versa. TouchOSC outgoing set to 7000, incoming set to 7001. Arena outgoing set to 7001, incoming set to 7000. Airplane mode doesn’t seem to keep things stable. In other words, known networks to the iPad will be connected to and kick me off of the ad hoc.

  20. Nathan wrote:

    Hi Martin

    Might be a pretty noob thing i am going to ask but I’m using arena 4 and in the Bosc section within preferences there is a text space named send to address is this supposed to be a mirror of whatever your Host ip would be?

    • The send address is an IP address of another device that you want to output OSC message too. This is useful if you want connect Resolume to another OSC enabled app like TouchOSC or perhaps another computer running some other software. You can also use your local host IP address to send messages to another app on the same computer.

  21. andy wrote:

    i have done everything here, i can send from my pc to the ipad touch osc, but cannot from the ipad to resolume. something is wrong with this app

    • Strange you are having so much trouble. I just tested it again yesterday and everything works with the latest version of Resolume on Mac. Should be the same for PC. If you can send message to the iPad that is a good sign. Make sure bundles is turned off, and that you have not modified any of the OSC commands, my layout use the default commands, some of commands no longer with in Resolume 4 as they did with Resolume 3, however the 95% is the same, and the clip trigger and video faders are good test controls.

  22. Diego wrote:

    Hello. Great contribution !

    You can connect cable rather than wifi?

  23. Matt V wrote:

    Hi Martin, thanks for your work on this. I’m not able to control clips that have audio paired with them. Is this a bug on my side? Thanks!

    • Hi Matt, this is not a bug. It has to do with the way Resolume controls Audio clips differnetly then video clips.

      You can change the OSC code in the template if you like:


  24. Markus wrote:

    Hi there, this is great layout !
    I’m trying to make the layout, but I have problem with link to LED with Resolume (not MIDI).

    Is there a code to control it? If yes, how to?

    Anyway thanx to the awesome layout and tutorial.


  25. Martin wrote:

    Hi Martin. Thank you for all your work. My probem is that i have problems to sync my iphone with the OSCEditor on my Macbook. I cant load your Touch Resolume Layout – there is always a connection failure. Iphone and Mac are connected with my home wifi and i tried step by step. Are there any Macbook Network configurations i should note? I see my Macbook in the host list – sometimes there is my macbook name 2 times in the list – dont know why…

    Do you have any ideas or experiences?

    thank you

    • I have also seen duplicate hosts listed sometimes. Have you tried them both? Another way to sync is via iTunes with a direct cable connection. If you have any firewall or other network configuration issues that might be causing problems.

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  28. Shelby wrote:

    I followed the steps in the video but nothing happens in when Resolume Arena 5 when I trigger in OSC. Some trouble shooting help?

    • Have you tried any of the troubleshooting tips in the comments section here? If so what, and can you describe more closely your process and where you get caught up. Using OSCulator (or something similar) to test OSC commands can resolve many issues. More info about network is also helpful.

  29. Lukas Vallejo wrote:

    I followed the steps in the video but nothing happens in when Resolume Arena 5 when I trigger in OSC.
    Working in PC
    Some trouble shooting help?

  30. Prometheus wrote:

    Have you tried this on Resulume 6? It worked easy on R4 but I can see that R6 is getting the inputs in the preference, but it is not controlling anything.

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