Install the Apple ProRES codec without Final Cut or ProApps

Thanks to the very old forum discussion over at Creative Cow.  I was able to install the Apple ProRES codec for quicktime without installing Final Cut X or Final Cut Studio.  I’m sorry apple, but I abandoned Final Cut years ago.  However my new capture card the Black Magic Intensity Extreme can only capture in Uncompressed or PDX.  To use ProRES requires that you have a ProApp like Final Cut X, Final Cut Pro or Motion installed.  I still think ProRES is the best working video codec around, especially for Mac, but I don’t want Final Cut on my computer!

Install Instructions:

There is a workaround however.  First start by downloading the ProApp codec update direct from the apple website.  If you don’t have a ProApp installed on the computer the update won’t work.  However using the unpkg software created by timdoug you can extract the codec files and install them manually by moving them into the appropriate library folder.



Move the following files to: /Mackintosh HD/Library/Quicktime/

Codec Files

and some more files to /Mackintosh HD/Library/Video/Professional Video Workflow Plug-Ins

Screenshot 2015-03-03 12.53.20

After that the Codecs will show up in any app the uses the Quicktime Codec library and can be used in programs like Media Express.

ProRES Codec Workaround


Codec Download :
You can download the extracted codecs here form my website for easy access.

ProApps QuickTime Codecs v1.0.4 Extracted (Old Version)
ProVideoFormats 2.0.1 Extracted (April 13, 2015)

Note:  that Adobe CC (creative cloud) on OS X 10.8 or 10.9 does not require the quicktime codec or ProApp to export ProRes via After Effects or Adobe Media Encoder, since the OS X has the codec installed in the system level, however older applications still require the quicktime components and therefor this workaround is necessary.




  1. natan wrote:

    martin, this post is super helpful. i’m wondering though, if you have prorescodec 1.0.3? i’m trying to downgrade from 1.0.4- and the codec in your package is the latter.

  2. Andy wrote:

    Thanks Martin! Worked well.

  3. André wrote:


    I have Wondershare ultimate video converter for fast jobs and it complains about not having the codecs. I downloaded the stuff but there is no such thing as a quicktime folder in my library. Do you have any idea? I have a new iMac OSX 10.9.2.

    All the best

  4. Raz wrote:

    Thank you so much! This solved my problem and took me about 2 minutes!

  5. Mat wrote:

    Thank you so much Martin this helped a huge lot

  6. Flo wrote:

    Hi Martin,

    thanks for this guide, after all I’m finally able to capture to ProRes with Media Express! Still I’m missing the option to capture to DV PAL although I have Quicktime 7 Pro installed on the same Mac which already comes with this codec. Do you have any idea how to “unlock” this codec in Media Express? Thanks in advance!

    • Not sure, but my guess is that you have to change the source video to PAL in the Blackmagic Desktop Video settings. Otherwise I would assume only NTSC codecs will be listed.

      • Flo wrote:

        Thanks, but unfortunately that does not change anything. I still only can choose between the QT uncompressed and recently added ProRes formats for capturing. I don’t get it: QT Pro 7 comes with so many different codecs, but none of them is listed in Media Express…

  7. Bap wrote:

    Thank you very much! Worked great and helped a lot!

  8. Janelle wrote:

    Thank you for this workaround!

  9. Hi Martin,
    I can export file .mov (ProRes 422) to a .mp4 simple file using QT 7. But a file .mov (ProRes 4444) to a .mp4 file I can’t. The file exported has just audio with no image. I tried to make the same conversion on Acrok HD and I got success. Do you have any idea? I have all codecs installed on my computer.
    Thanks in advance !

  10. sharon wrote:

    for those of you who couldn’t find your library folder, you have to go to your finder and search “macintosh HD”. Took me forever to locate it because no site but one ever actually mentioned this!

    Once I found it it works well. thanks!

  11. Sharonchong wrote:

    Thanks so much Martin. This is a life-saver work-around. I owe you a beer 🙂

  12. cyrus wrote:

    Thanks Martin, but I have a problem on Os x Yosemite, there is no quicktime folder in library even though qicktime is installed. Is there anyway to get around this or Yosemite simply does not work with prores just yet. I can work with the files in Premiere pro cs 6 but can’t export prores files.

  13. Jens wrote:

    Hy, I copied the files in to my Library > Quicktime-folder. My old FCP 5 (running on PPC/ Motorola) does not find the codecs. Maybe your files are to new? Any idea? All the best

  14. htdavis wrote:

    If you have cs6 but use one of the osx variants that has the pro-res built in, you should download the set for cc (and for osx yosemite use the latest for 2014cc).

  15. Lindsay wrote:

    I was able to download and unpackage the ProApp Quicktme codecs, but can’t seem to locate a Library>Quicktime folder in my Library directory. Any thoughts on how to locate this?

    I’m running Yosemite 10.10.1 and Quicktime 10.4.


  16. M.Z. wrote:

    thanks so much!!!!

  17. Daz wrote:

    Hi there,
    thank you for creating this wonderful workflow.

    I found the phrasing of the following step confusing:

    “Move the following files to: Library/Quicktime/
    and some more files to Library/Video/Professional Video Workflow Plug-Ins”

    Is there an image missing between those two statements? Which files need to go into the Quicktime folder and which into the Professional Workflow Plug-Ins?

    Thank you!

  18. Ian Sandall wrote:

    Hey Martin
    Thanks a lot for a wonderful work-around. Been trying for ages to find a way of creating pro-res without having FCP and this is a godsend! We’re all PC based (Premiere mainly) but often get asked for pro-res files. Before I had to send out which was not cost-effective. Now can export to Cineform .mov files, put them on my old Mac and convert with mpeg Streamclip. Magic!

  19. SBO wrote:

    OS X YOSEMITE is operating system suitable for working more than playing the game.

    I have a problem Wi-Fi if open distributed Wi-Fi. The machine will find, but if the first Wi-Fi machine will find nothing.

  20. R. Fisher wrote:

    Is there a way to use the Apple ProRes codec on PC? I don’t have a Mac, am trying to convert 4K files to 1080 for my editor with MPEG Streamclip, of course don’t have the ProRes 422 option.

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  22. N.H wrote:

    Thanks so much for this! I transferred all the files to the Quicktime folder, but can’t find the Macintosh HD/Library/Video/Professional Video Workflow plugins folder anywhere. I made sure I was looking in the correct library as well.

    But the codecs are all appearing correctly in Premiere pro, etc. Was this step necessary or just something extra?

    Thanks very much!

  23. Steven wrote:

    I have copied the files into the Library folder. /Macintosh HD/Library/…

    My Quicktime: 10.4

    Premiere Pro CS6 can’t export Prores.

    Why? Can you help me?

  24. Clayton wrote:

    Martin, THANK YOU for this post. Can’t believe I found one where you’re using an Intensity Extreme, had exactly what I was looking for. PERFECT POST! Thanks again!

  25. Jyson Drieter wrote:

    Posts like this are very helpful. Thanks for the write up.
    I am searching for a similar fix but with Aperture 3 on 10.6 and a new Nikon NEF codec (supported on Yosemite but not earlier). I am confidant there is a similarliy simple fix to help Aperture read new raw/.nef files.
    My search is why I arrived here.
    Again, I appreciate folks like you that post helpful tips like this.

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  27. THANK YOU for this post. Can’t believe I found one where you’re using an Intensity Extreme, had exactly what I was looking for. PERFECT POST!

  28. Clayton wrote:

    Anyone else getting it to still work with El Capitan? It’s broken now for me…

  29. Hal wrote:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial .. I just upgraded from a 2010 Macbook Pro to an iMac 2015 5k.. Used my old system to clone and lost the codecs this helped .. Thanks again

  30. Steph wrote:

    This is so helpful thank you so much!!!!!! You have no idea how much this has helped me

  31. Thomas Hass wrote:


    I really want to get this on my mac too, but i use my MC so much, that i am super worried its gonna create some error and i wont get back to where i came from. I have downloaded the latest ProApp, and are ready to go. I did start and discovered that that the first file was already in the QT folder…. i moved it back, or whatever i did, but i don’t have the stomach to do it. Is there any other way, more automated or can someone remote my mac and work it out for me? I really would like these codecs….


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