Two-Factor Authentication Animation

Another fun animation for Duo Security by yours truly.  This time the objective was to focus on product features and benefits that pertain most to an IT administrator.  The character animation was the most fun and challenging part of the animation.  I used the DuDuf IK Tools to rig the characters to get  natural and fluid moment.  This rigging process greatly simplified the complex puppet pin system into a manageable system.  I was also able to rig the fishing line with the same IK tools to really enhance the elastic feel of the pole.  Most of the graphics were designed in Illustrator with some effects like Plexus 2, and Easy and Whizz helped get the job done!

For those interested I have uploaded the storyboard used for the project.  You can see the assets and graphics where clearly defined prior to animation.
Download: Duo Security Animation – Storyboard V4

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