Moon Pong at Fool Moon

This year I teamed up with Donald Harrison, Justin Dykhouse and Tom Bray to create an interactive video game for the Fool Moon Festival in Ann Arbor Michgian. The project entitled “moon unit face pong” allowed participants to have their face projected on a 30ft wall while two other people played pong with it. The results was a crazy mashup of video clips that would get distorted depending on how you angled the wii controller. A simple yet new take on a classic game that everyone knows how to play.

Below is a time-lapse video by Tom Bray of the entire night.

The photo booth where the Chromakeying magic happens.

The project was a team effort. Justin Dykhouse taught himself how to use Quartz Composer just to recreate the classic pong game for our custom environment. Using Syphon built into OSX we were able to route the video feed from Quartz into Resolume Avenue. Resolume become our main application for all video effects, real-time chromakeying and final output. We also used OSCulator to route the OSC signals from the Wii Controllers to both the Quartz Composer patch and Resolume. Below is a Diagram of the configuration.

Download the source code for the project on Google Code:  Moon Pong 

Moon Pong Diagram

Below are some behind the scenes photos of the entire event. Enjoy:


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